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Have you ever wanted to get airborne with a car over jumps? Drive over rough terrain? Through water obstacles? Drive over the tops of cars like a monster trucks? Climb hills like a 4WD? Over old wooden logs, rocks and tyres? Through crazy tunnels? THEN WILD BUGGY IS FOR YOU!

Take control of our unique Tomcar buggies for some extreme fun on our purpose-built track in our dual-control buggies with a co-driving instructor!

Your session begins with a safety and instructional briefing and video before you head out to the cars. Now the fun begins!

Take the wheel for a drive - you can expect wild jumps and slides, mad hills and obstacles and all-round crazy buggy fun!

Wild Buggy off-road driving experience is totally unique and is sure to give you a bumpy ride! Drive your way through our course and its many challenges. Drive over logs, rocks, tyres, through water and more!

Kids drive on our purpose-built track in the safety of our friendly co-driving instructors that assist in navigation and steering support where needed with our specialised dual-control buggies. Kids can also choose simply relax and be passengers while our instructors drives them around the track.

Our dual control vehicles cater for 7 - 17 yr olds and adults without a drivers license.

Average Duration: 20 minutes

About Wild Buggy Driving Adventure Park

Wild Buggy Driving Adventure Park is located at 433- 453 Boundary Rd, Heatherton, VIC, 3122

433-453 Boundary Road,
Heatherton, VIC 3202

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Sat, 25 Aug 2018

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Sun, 26 Aug 2018

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